Say No To Social Stigma

Join us in our excitement as we announce the theme for our 11th annual climb: Say No To Social Stigma.

Inspired by the resiliency of our sister organization and the NYC youth we sponsor, next year’s climb will tackle an issue that greatly affects the women and men with whom Kilimanjaro works. Our next journey up Mt. Kilimanjaro will begin on March 2nd, 2017.

Stigma results from perceptions of health conditions; sexual abuse; mental disorder; substance abuse; criminal backgrounds; ethnicity; lack of education; and religious, economic and community backgrounds.

Despite the efforts to do good, the young people that we aim to aspire are affixed with a social stigma that harms their self-belief preventing them from reaching their potential, and from fully contributing to better all-inclusive societies. Whether it be in the slums of Kibera or the inner NYC streets, Say No to Social Stigma, aims to draw awareness on the effects of stigmas and to provide young people with the tools to reach their personal summit.